Schapelle Corby's latest Instagram post sparks confusion

Schapelle Corby has sparked discussion on Instagram again with her latest picture leaving many people scratching their heads.

The latest post shows the 40-year-old holding what appear to be a man’s foot as it is resting on her chin with her fingers and the man’s toes intertwined.

Her picture, which does not specify when it was taken, was shared along with the hashtag: #imstillwearingthesmileyougaveme.

WHO reports she recently reunited with boyfriend Ben Panangian for a two-week holiday.

The latest picture shared by Schapelle Corby got tongues wagging. Source: @schapelle.corby/ Instagram

The image left many of her followers asking questions.

“WHAT WHAT WHAT AM I LOOKING AT (sic),” one person wrote.

“How do you do that (sic),” another said.

Others expressed their disgust about a foot being in such close proximity to a face.

“Could not do that with anyone. Feet are the most appalling thing,”  one person wrote.

The 40-year-old has shared fairly regular updates on her account since she started it last May. Source: @schapelle.corby/ Instagram

But not everyone found the image alarming.

“Love that cheekiness xx,” one Instagram user wrote.

“That’s just Schapelle being Schapelle,” another said,

It is not the first time she has gained attention for sharing posts since she started her Instagram account last May.

This particular snap has gained nearly 3,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments since it was uploaded earlier on Thursday.