Scathing note left for driver over 'crap parking job'

A pedestrian has snapped a photo of a nasty note left for a motorist accused of parking too far away from the kerb.

“Please don’t be so s*** at parking,” the note stuck to the driver’s side of a car, which is believed to be parked in the inner Melbourne suburb of Windsor, reads.

“People are having trouble driving past your car because of your crap parking job. Your car is parked so far from the kerb that you probably needed a taxi to get to the footpath.”

The person who posted the image of the note on Reddit was quick to point out it wasn’t their car.

“I just walked past and thought it was funny,” the original poster said.

But social media users on the forum had a field day when the poster also shared an image of the car showing how far it was from the kerb.

A pedestrian spotted a scathing note stuck to the window of an oddly parked car in Melbourne's inner suburb of Windsor. Source: Reddit/Blackwoe

“Looks like my first effort at parking when I was on my learner’s,” one person replied.

“Wow, it’s like they just stopped driving and left it there, ‘that’ll do’,” another added.

A third person praised the author of the note for the tone.

“I'm surprised it was so nice! Kudos to whoever wrote this,” they said.

The image to demonstrate how far away the car is parked from the kerb. Source: Reddit/Blackwoe

Meanwhile, some people thought there may have been a reason for the odd parking job.

“Maybe the driver was disable[d]?” one person asked.

Most people thought there was no excuse to justify how far away from the kerb the motorist had parked.

“They’d be closer to the curb if they were still driving,” someone wrote.

One person felt even though the note was slightly nasty, they appreciated the constructive criticism.

“I love that the whole point of the letter is just ‘be less s***’. Please improve because here's some valid reasons. Not ‘f*** off you *insert slur*!’ It’s a nice change.”

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