Why you shouldn't ignore this penalty notice police dubbed a 'scam'

Police have been left red-faced after they warned about a scam that turned out to be completely legitimate.

Richmond Police District in Lismore posted a picture of a letter on Facebook that notified recipients their vehicle’s registration had been cancelled.

It added the letter at “first glance” looked “convincing”.

“Take a closer look though; it does not have car rego, offence details or the licence number,” police said on Facebook.

“This scam took place in Sydney but it is quite possible it could make its way to the Northern Rivers.”

However, Revenue NSW has confirmed the letter was genuine and has since released a statement that said it was “concerned” by reports that claimed the legitimate enforcement letter was a scam.

“If a customer is unsure about whether a notice they have received is legitimate, there are a number of steps they can take to check its validity,” the statement said.

Police warned about a scam letter that turned out to be completely legitimate. Source: Facebook/Richmond Police District

Revenue NSW said it would issue up to three notices prior to taking action with Roads and Maritime Services.

“If a fine has not been paid in full by its due date, Revenue NSW will take action to recover the debt by suspending the driver’s licence or vehicle registration. This action can be confirmed by contacting Revenue NSW or Roads and Maritime Services,” a spokesperson said in the statement.

It also suggested those unsure should search Revenue NSW’s website to check if the web address and phone number match Revenue NSW details in the letter.

Letter recipients can also use online services to obtain more information about their penalties.

“If customers have received a notice and are unsure it is valid, they should contact Revenue NSW or Service NSW. If a letter has been received in relation to vehicle cancellation or licence suspension, Roads and Maritime Services can also confirm this action is being taken due to unpaid fines,” it said.

Yahoo7 has contacted NSW Police for comment.