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'Save my life': Aussie dad's plea to PM after being beaten by Taliban

An Australian father trapped in Afghanistan has pleaded for Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his government to "save my life" after he was left with bloody injuries when he was attacked by the Taliban.

Farid, who arrived with wife Kolsoum in Adelaide as refugees in 2007, shared distressing video of his face covered in blood as he tried to evacuate Kabul on a rescue flight.

"They hit me," he says to the camera.

"I'm an Australian citizen."

A screenshot of a video an Australian father filmed after being beaten by the Taliban.
An Australian father is in hiding in Kabul after beaten by the Taliban. Source: Twitter

Farid had made an emergency trip to Kabul in June to visit his sick mother before Afghanistan's rapid fall to the Taliban, which left him and tens of thousands of others stranded.

Kolsoum told 9News her husband was staying alive by moving from house to house to hide from the militant group.

In a new video, Farid, who sustained injuries to his head when he and his cousin were attacked by the Taliban, has begged Mr Morrison and his government to "urgently protect" him.

"My life and my cousin's life are in danger. As an Australian I call on my government to please step in and save my life," he said in the video shared with 9News.

Farid's wife Kolsoum who holds their daughter in her arms back in Adelaide.
His wife, Kolsoum, is pleading for help to bring him home, concerned every day he stays there puts his life at further risk. Source: 9News

Meanwhile his distressed wife has been so worried she hasn't slept or eaten, begging officials to save the father of three's life.

"It's very hard to be beaten by your people in your country and I want him to just come back – we love him," she said.

"The kids need him, I need him. We have been living together for 20 years, we need help from the government to help him get out."

Australians warned against travelling to Kabul airport

Almost 4000 Australians, Afghan visa holders and people from allied nations have escaped the chaos in Kabul on rescue flights since the evacuation mission began more than a week ago.

But Australians and Afghan visa holders have now been urged not to travel to Kabul airport amid fears of a possible terror attack as the situation rapidly deteriorates.

"Do not travel to Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport. If you're in the area of the airport, move to a safe location and await further advice," a statement from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said.

"The situation in Afghanistan remains highly volatile and dangerous.

"Be aware of the potential for violence and security threats with large crowds. There's an ongoing and very high threat of terrorist attack."

Australian soldiers assist the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with locating Afghan Australian visa holders attempting to enter the congested Abbey Gate at Hamid Karzai International Airport.
Australia will continue to rescue people from Afghanistan for as long as it can before the United States' deadline expires. Source: AAP (PR IMAGE)

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the government had been working hard to evacuate as many people as possible.

"It is a highly dangerous situation, we have been very honest about the nature of these challenges and the likelihood of being able to achieve everything that we would hope to achieve," he told reporters on Thursday.

"But we have to deal with the reality. The terrible, brutal and awful reality of the situation on the ground."

The Taliban has told the US it must keep the August 31 deadline to withdraw remaining troops after 20 years in Afghanistan.

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