Savage bride refuses to pay for custom-made wedding gown

Allison Yee
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It was the most time consuming, intricate wedding dress bridal gown designer Anna Sanders had ever made.

So imagine her utter horror when after creating the bespoke gown – featuring metres of material, lace, and involving hours of hard work that saw her have sleepless nights – Anna claims she was abused and assaulted by the bride on her big day as she and her family refused to pay for the gown.

Anna claims she worked tirelessly to finish the dress, only to have the bride refuse to pay her. Photo:Facebook/AnnaSandersAtelier

Anna took to Facebook with the horror story, detailing how her experience with the rude runaway bride left her in tears and out of pocket.

“This was the most time consuming dress I ever made, very difficult structure,” Anna posted earlier this month.

“I never [give] any of my dresses… away without full payment. For the first time I decided to take the dresses to the hotel [the] night before so I could have some rest, press the dresses.”

With Anna owed 35 percent of the total cost which included a mother-of-the-bride outfit, despite assurances from the bride and her family the money would come, not only was she not paid, she was also left shaken by the family’s violent behaviour towards her.

Anna claims she was threatened and abused by the bride’s family. Photo: Facebook/AnnaSandersAtelier

“Everything changed when the dress was on,” Anna revealed. “Rude drunken attitude from the father, threatening sisters were pushing me trying to get bride through. I never had such experience in my life, it was scary, couldn’t stop crying.”

Claiming the father even dragged the veil out of her hands, Anna adds the bride’s hair and make-up artist Gina Thompson was treated the exactly same way, despite arriving at 4am to tend to 11 girls.

Gina also took to Facebook to name and shame the family, claiming the bride’s father threatened to punch her, and fleeced her of her fee of $2,300.

Make-up artist Gina wasn’t paid either, and says she was physically threatened by the bride’s father. Photo: Facebook/

“He is a very big man to want to punch two young girls that’s only trying to make a living,” Gina wrote on Facebook.

With both women now changing their business practices to accept upfront payment only, the bride at the centre of the scandal has hit back.

“Lets make one thing straight, I paid her a deposit to come down, and I was going to pay her, all the money she wanted fore all of use, until she put the prices up when she cam down thinking that we’re fools [sic],” she posted.

“Propa ejit don’t say you got maced cuz you never if you had to take the money I was offering you, but that wasent good anuf! [sic]”

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