Saudi death sentence for migrant murder

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A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a Saudi woman to death for murdering a Bangladeshi female worker nearly two years ago, the Bangladeshi government says.

The court handed down the death penalty on Sunday to Ayesha al-Jizani, the wife of employer of Bangladeshi migrant worker Abiron Begum, for the murder, Bangladesh's Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Ministry said in a press statement.

Her husband and son were handed prison sentences for destroying evidence and ignoring the maid's medical care, according to the statement.

This was the first verdict against any Saudi employer for abusing Bangladeshi migrant workers in the kingdom, it added.

Begum, 40, who went to Saudi Arabia in 2017 and was employed as housemaid with Jizani, was murdered on March 24, 2019, the ministry said in refrence to a case filed with a court in Riyadh.

Jizani's husband Basem Salem was sentenced to more than three years in jail and finded for destroying murder evidence and not arranging medical treatment for the maid.

Her son Walid Basem Salem was sentenced to a juvenile correction centre for seven months on the charges of non-cooperation with the migrant worker, according to the Bangladeshi ministry.

Allegations of abuse by employers against migrant workers, especially female workers, in Saudi Arabia, a major host of Bangladeshi workers, are common.