Sat nav errors blamed as vehicles stranded on steps

A van stuck on the top of Greenside Lane
A delivery van was the latest vehicle to become trapped at the top of Greenside Lane

A barrier is to be installed at the top of a notorious street in Edinburgh after sat nav errors repeatedly directed drivers down a set of steps.

Mapping software failed to reflect the updated road layout on Greenside Lane, near the city's Theatre Royal bar, after the stairs were completed last year,

Images of stranded motorists have been widely shared on social media.

City of Edinburgh Council said it expected the barricade to be in place this week.

A delivery driver said he was "embarrassed" after becoming the latest victim of the steps on Monday while attempting to access the Playhouse Theatre.

He told BBC Scotland News he had not driven in the city for about 10 years, but his sat nav had not picked up the road changes.

He said: "I was just following the sat nav.

"I always remember I used to come down this way. I followed it and just got stuck.

"I had no idea there was a step there, I used to come down this way.

"I am a bit embarrassed about it."

The local authority has written to Apple to request directions on the tech giant’s maps app are updated after a similar request was sent to Google.

The stairs were installed in October 2023 to block access to road traffic following the redesign of Picardy Place.

The council's transport and environment committee acknowledged issues with "vehicular interaction with the steps" had not been raised when plans were approved in 2021.

It said: "Google Maps has recently been updated to reflect the new layout and a request for a correction has been sent to Apple Maps.

"While this update is awaited, a temporary barrier will be installed."