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SAS: Who Dares Wins - all the recruits for toughest season yet

The SAS: Who Dares Wins 2023 recruits. (Channel 4)
The SAS: Who Dares Wins 2023 recruits. (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

SAS: Who Dares Wins is returning to TV for its civilian version and the new series is being billed as the toughest yet.

The show heads to the Vietnamese jungle to put the recruits through their paces under the direction of Mark "Billy" Billingham, who's stepping up to be chief of directing staff thanks to his jungle warfare experience.

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Here's who's taking part in the 2023 series.

SAS: Who Dares Wins 2023 recruits

1 - Amelia

Amelia (Channel 4)
Amelia (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 28

From: London

Occupation: Software account executive

"I used to swim competitively until my early 20s."

2 - Grant

Grant (Channel 4)
Grant (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 37

From: Edinburgh

Occupation: Bin man

"For 35 years I just thought I was an odd egg who would accept what life hands him but I reckon I just handed my old self its ass!"

3 - Joshua

Joshua (Channel 4)
Joshua (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 24

From: Ilford

Occupation: Professional boxer

"My boxing coach was a former Marine, so he made sure I was mentally prepared for all the mind games waiting for me."

4 - Hilary

Hilary (Channel 4)
Hilary (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 31

From: Barnet

Occupation: Personal trainer

"I love to dance salsa and I love to fight (boxing)."

5 - Becky

Becky (Channel 4)
Becky (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 35

From: Basildon

Occupation: Stay at home mum

"I actually got Covid, was quarantined and binge watched the last series. I decided I could do that and on a whim, applied."

6 - Stevie

Stevie (Channel 4)
Stevie (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 38

From: Swansea

Occupation: Professional wrestler

"I wrestled WWE Superstar Roman Reigns on WWE TV."

7 - Faye

Faye (Channel 4)
Faye (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 43

From: Leeds

Occupation: Visiting professor and director of operations

"I have a new level of respect for our Special Forces and if I were starting all over again, it’s something that would be a career option I would be pursuing."

8 - Rosie

Rosie (Channel 4)
Rosie (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 22

From: Basingstoke

Occupation: IT cyber security sales account manager

"I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu."

9 - Daniel

Daniel (Channel 4)
Daniel (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 29

From: Cheshire

Occupation: Professional ballet dancer

"I'm a graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Moscow, Russia."

10 - Danica

Danica (Channel 4)
Danica (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 36

From: London

Occupation: Health and wellness coach

"I just bought a camper van and plan to travel the world in it."

11 - Zachariah

Zachariah (Channel 4)
Zachariah (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 27

From: Woolacombe

Occupation: Chef

"I’m not really one to miss family or friends while away but did I miss a cold pint of San Miguel!"

12 - Aliyah

Aliyah (Channel 4)
Aliyah (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 26

From: South east London

Occupation: Influencer

"I don’t think I have a fear anymore to be honest, my experience was very unique physically and spiritually."

13 - Pete

Pete (Channel 4)
Pete (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 33

From: East Midlands

Occupation: Firefighter

"I wasn’t able to fully confront my demons. I have unfinished business and must travel other roads to find closure."

14 - Ross

Ross (Channel 4)
Ross (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 41

From: Kent

Occupation: Security manager

"I grew up in a caravan as a Romani Gypsy and was home schooled."

15 - Scott

Scott (Channel 4)
Scott (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 35

From: London

Occupation: Hedge funds trader

"I used to live with lions and elephants in The Chobe (national park, Botswana)."

16 - Jordan

Jordan (Channel 4)
Jordan (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 28

From: Newcastle

Occupation: Professional boxer and personal trainer

"I always classed myself as weak if I cried but I really feel I’ve let that go since doing the course."

17 - Jamie

Jamie (Channel 4)
Jamie (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 32

From: Bretforton

Occupation: Footballer and model

"Profoundly deaf since birth, my first language is sign language. I'm Captain for England and GB deaf football teams!"

18 - Levi

Levi (Channel 4)
Levi (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 34

From: London

Occupation: HGV lorry driver

"The humidity was crazy, I mean it was like you just stepped out the shower fully clothed when you came outside in full gear."

19 - Anne

Anne (Channel 4)
Anne (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 41

From: Rugby

Occupation: Horse riding coach and farmer's wife

"One of my biggest achievements was to drag my middle aged, slightly overweight distinctly average body through the intense training required by the show. If I can do it... with hard work and determination, anyone can!"

20 - Charlotte

Charlotte (Channel 4)
Charlotte (Channel 4) (Pete Dadds)

Age: 27

From: Leeds

Occupation: Performance and lifestyle nutritionist

"I dived in a display for the queen during her 2012 jubilee tour. I run ultramarathons for fun."

SAS: Who Dares Wins returns on Monday, 23 January at 9pm on Channel 4.