Sarcastic note about 'embarrassing' parking divides opinion

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There’s nothing quite like a blatant case of bad parking to get your blood boiling when in search for a spot to leave your car.

But one Sydney driver’s stance on what he believes is a breach of an unwritten rule of street parking has divided opinion online.

The irate driver was so infuriated by the positioning of the culprit’s car, he wrote a sarcastic note offering free parking lessons and stuck it to their windscreen.

“Call 18000 Car Park,” the note read.

It included the hashtags “learn how to drive like a champ”, “this is a really, really bad attempt” and “get some much-needed skills”.

The note left by the annoyed driver. Source: Facebook
The note left by the annoyed driver. Source: Facebook

The note had been triggered by the car’s position between two driveways, which the note’s creator claims can fit two cars. Yet to his annoyance, it was placed in the middle, meaning other cars could not park behind or in front.

The person who wrote the note uploaded a photo of the car’s position to community Facebook group Bondi Local Loop as well as a picture of the note.

“If your (sic) embarrassed about your lack of driving skills don’t hide in shame, call me and I can give you all the verbal motivation you need,” he said.

“Don’t park like this pelican did and take up two spots for one car.”

Internet argues over driver’s parking

His post sparked a strong response from other users who were split on whether the driver had done anything wrong.

Many argued it was wrong to simply assume the driver had purposely decided to park in the middle.

“How would you know if there was a bike there that moved before you came?” one person said.

The parking in question. Source: Facebook
The parking in question. Source: Facebook

“Maybe having two cars there blocks the residents from safely leaving their driveway?” another questioned.

Yet others were in agreement with the note’s creator, revealing such parking was a common problem in and around Bondi.

“Along with all the other selfish and arrogant things that people do in the eastern suburbs this has to be the one that annoys me the most!” one person wrote.

“Hate people who park like this, they’re everywhere,” another said.

“This is what we see nearly every day... so annoying,” one comment read.

Many annoyed by idea of leaving an angry note

Others were simply peeved by the idea of leaving a note over the matter.

“Get a life,” one person wrote, raking in dozens of likes.

“You’ve got a lot of time on your hands,” another said.

“Maybe there was a bike behind where they parked, maybe there was something in front. Maybe you aren't the f****** arbiter of the roads and you should avoid leaving mean spirited notes on people's cars,” one angrier response read.

In NSW, drivers can be fined $114 for not parking close enough to the pavement however there is no offence committed by parking anywhere along a stretch of legal roadside parking where parking bays are not marked.

And while this perceived misdemeanour isn’t punishable by law, there are a raft of little-known offences that can result in copping a fine.

Parking too close to a postbox can result in a $114 fine, while some foreign drivers will be surprised to learn you can’t park against the flow of the traffic.

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