“Santa Clause” star David Krumholtz sorry for ruining Hilary Duff's Disney parade while 'high as hell'

“Santa Clause” star David Krumholtz sorry for ruining Hilary Duff's Disney parade while 'high as hell'

While appearing in the Disney Christmas parade, David Krumholtz refused to wear his Bernard the Elf costume from "The Santa Clause" movies.

The one time David Krumholtz did the Disney Christmas parade he was feeling holly jolly.

But that sentiment did not extend to his proposed float partner, Hilary Duff, whom he admitted he left out in the cold when he asked to ride in a carriage instead of appearing with her as his character, Bernard, from The Santa Clause franchise.

In the latest remembrance Krumholtz has shared to social media, the actor recalled his experience with the Disney parade back in 2002, after wrapping on The Santa Clause 2. He also apologized to Duff for the way everything went down.

Krumholtz begins by describing his mental state while making The Santa Clause 2 in 2002, noting his sense of isolation shooting most of his scenes alone, the perpetual rain in Vancouver while filming, and his general sense of misery. He writes, "I was having a mini nervous breakdown complete with daily episodic panic." Krumholtz described the situation as a quarter life crisis, as he was 24 and dressed in an elf costume.

With this tenuous state of his mental well-being established, he jumps ahead to the film's release in November when his then-publicist contacted him to tell him that he was set to appear in the Disney World Christmas parade and that he'd been invited to the resort along with two guests for three days.

"I bring my buddy Mike and my weed dealer," he details. "The 3 of us fly first class to Orlando. We have no weed on us. Just Vicodin. Which will do. They put us all up at the newly opened Yacht Club resort. We’re gonna get the 'treatment.' First two days all access to Disney World. We get a guide. Front of every line, BTS looks, the 'treatment.' I am grateful! Least Disney could do. I’m popping Vics with my weed dealer and one of my best buddies and it is AWESOME. I’m a Disney nerd. This could not be more ideal. I’m high as hell, and I’m ready for anything… well, not anything…"

<p>Everett Collection</p> David Krumholtz in 'The Santa Clause 2'

Everett Collection

David Krumholtz in 'The Santa Clause 2'

Krumholtz also shared memories of seeing the Bernard costume in a display for The Santa Clause 2 as part of a window display at MGM Studios. While there, he purchased a Christmas sweater featuring Pluto, deciding to wear it in the parade the next day.

But that plan was quickly upended when Krumholtz arrived to the parade set. "The next morning, I leave my buddies behind and report to the parade set," he recalls. "I’m greeted and told that my makeup artists are inside. Hey. Hold up. Hee Haw. Whoa. Makeup artistS?? PLURAL? Why? I’m a glowing 24 yr old movie star with perfect skin! My elf ears are there. They tell me they have my costume, but not the wig or the shoes… Time the fuck out. I can’t adjust to this news. I will be in full costume (no wig) 'elf dancing' on a float with Hillary Duff [sic] who will sing the song she recorded for the film’s soundtrack."

Krumholtz then called his publicist to attempt to get to the bottom of things. "She swears up & down that they never mentioned dressing up as Bernard AT ALL," he continues. "Someone’s lying. Here’s where my inflated ego comes in. can’t do this. My IMAGE under threat! PTSD! I never thought I’d wear that s--- again! I tell them I won’t do it. They are openly pissed off. I feel awful, I got the 'treatment' but I was never told about this! I refuse. I pitch myself riding solo on a horse drawn carriage in front of Hillary Duff’s float. As me. Myself. David f--ing Krumholtz. In a Pluto sweater."

The parade producers eventually agree to Krumholt'z carriage suggestion, but when he took his place, he got a less-than-warm welcome from Duff, whom he had stranded on the movie-themed float. "I take my seat in the horse drawn carriage. Behind me, Hillary Duff stands alone on the Santa Clause 2 float," he remembers. "I turn & look back at her & give her a friendly wave hello. I’ve never met her before, She responds with a pissed off 'what the f---?' shrug. I turn back around. 'Ok, don’t look at Hillary Duff again.' I’m high. I’m fine with myself. This is gonna be great! Regis Philbin hosting!"

From there, the situation went from bad to worse as the crowds failed to recognize Krumholtz out of costume and the director chewed him out in front of the rest of the celebs/Disney characters appearing in the parade. After the experience, Krumholtz did not portray Bernard again until 2022 when he appeared on the Disney+ series The Santa Clauses.

"I didn’t work for Disney again for 20 years," he wrote. "Looking back, I should have done it. I would totally do it today. I’ve yet to reunite with Hillary Duff, I owe her an amends. Maybe she’ll read this. I’ve been my own worst enemy in this biz. I accept the elf thing now. Note to actors: Never poo poo any work. You are not above the privilege of working in film and television. I’m a fool. The end."

Representatives for Duff did not immediately respond to EW's request for comment.

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