Christine Forster reveals Tony Abbott congratulated her on 'Yes' win

Rebekah Scanlan

'No' supporter Tony Abbott has congratulated his sister Christine Forster on the 'Yes' win in the same-sex marriage postal vote.

Ms Forster, who has been a vocal 'Yes' campaigner, revealed that the former PM called her immediately after the vote results were announced to say "well done."

"He [Tony] gave me a call to say well done," Christine told Yahoo7 at the Sydney results announcement at Prince Alfred Park.

Yes supporter Christine Forster was jumping for joy at the announcement in Sydney. Source: AAP

"He will respect the voice of the people," she added, explaining that despite being a vocal 'No' supporter, he is "hoping the legislation will go through quickly."

Earlier today, the Head of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, David Kalisch, announced that 61.6 per cent of those who participated in the postal vote wanted to see the law change.

The former Prime Minister of Australia has been a vocally against the reform. Source: Getty

Mr Abbott was one of the biggest campaigners against the reform, which will allow same-sex couples the right to legally marry in Australia.

His sister Christine has been engaged to her long-term partner, Virginia Edwards, since 2013 and has already spoken out about her desire to be among the first same-sex couples to marry in Australia, which would mean Tony Abbott would attend.
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It's not known how long the Government will take to pass the legislation, but Ms Forster is hopeful the ball will be rolling very soon.

Ms Forster, pictured here at a same-sex equality rally in 2015, was one of the main figures of the Yes campaign. Source: Getty
Emotions were high for many at the Sydney results announcement. Source: AAP

"The people have had their say and they've spoken loudly and clearly," she said. "The Government wants to get it off the table, so pass the legislation and we can all move on from there."

Tony Abbott has taken to his Facebook page to comment further on Australia's decision to embrace marriage equality, saying he wanted to "congratulate the 'Yes' campaign on their achievement."

Tony Abbott has also taken to social media to share his respect for the Yes landslide. Source: Facebook

"The people have spoken and, of course, the parliament should respect the result," he wrote. "I also thank the 4.7 million Australians who supported marriage between a man and a woman."

Mr Abbott's daughter Frances has also been vocal in her support of the Yes campaign.