Sam Pang's fans thrilled as star returns to screens after Logies disappearance

Sam Pang was back on Have You Been Paying Attention and his fans are delighted.

He was applauded for his Logies hosting gig but Sam Pang disappeared from our TV screens right after the show, with fans left scratching their heads on his whereabouts.

Now, the 49-year-old has revealed exactly where he's been after finally popping up again as one of the panellists on the Channel 10 show Have You Been Paying Attention?

Sam Pang on Have You Been Paying Attention
Sam Pang is back on our screens after going missing following his Logies hosting gig. Photo: Channel 10

"I just had a little break Tom," Sam told host Tom Gleeson.

"Hanging out with you and Ed every week takes its toll," he joked.

Fans of the show were absolutely delighted to see Sam back on the panel, with one person commenting: "Absolutely fantastic to have Sam back".

Others agreed, with another person saying: "Funnier in the first ten mins than it has been the whole time Sam was away! Welcome back Sam."


While Sam claims he was away 'on a little break', some people in the comments believe he's actually been masking up for this year's season of The Masked Singer, which is due to start on Channel 10 on September 11th.

"Sam has been on the Masked Singer??? Trying to take down Conrad Sewell," one person wrote.

"Yes I’m excited that you’re back Sam. Funniest man in television. Masked Singer hmmm," another said.

"Hahahahaha maybe Sam is on this year's Masked Singer?!" a fan commented.

Sam wins over the Logies crowd

Sam became the first host of the prestigious Logie Awards show in 11 years at the end of July, taking aim at a number of high-profile Australian celebrities in his hilarious opening monologue, which had fans calling for his return next year.

Stars such as Karl Stefanovic, Kochie and Hamish Blake were all roasted by Sam, with the audience left in fits of laughter during the lengthy show.

Even Home and Away’s iconic actor Ray Meagher wasn’t free from a ribbing, with Sam ripping into him after he tried to pay tribute to the star, who has been on the soap for the past 35 years.

Sam Pang at the Logies host in 2023
Sam Pang absolutely killed it hosting the Logies. Photo: Channel Seven

However, the comedian, who usually appears on Channel 10's comedy show Have You Been Paying Attention? every week, wasn't seen on the panel for weeks after the Logies went to air.

He also regularly appears on Channel Seven's The Front Bar on Thursday nights but was replaced with stand-in panellists after his Logies debut.


Have You Been Paying Attention? viewers called for Sam’s return over the weeks, taking to social media to lament his absence, with one person even asking if he had left the show.

“It’s not the same without Sam,” one person said.

“Sam better be back. He’s the only reason why I watch,” another person said.

“Okay seriously if you’ve fired Sam just tell us,” another wrote.

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