Sam Mac

Television and radio personality Sam Mac joined Sunrise as the weather presenter in January 2016.

With a true passion for all things sport and entertainment, Sam was a Sunrise and Weekend Sunrise contributor for six months before taking on the coveted weather presenting role. During his six-month stint working for Sunrise he spent three weeks on the road reporting on weather from Mallabula, Girraween and Newcastle.

Sam, an avid Sunrise viewer, was incredibly excited to join the team: "I've watched Sunrise for years so it's slightly overwhelming to think that I'll be working alongside the Cash Cow!".

Never one to shy away from fun and adventure on Sunrise, Sam has already flirted up a storm with Nigella Lawson, gone white water rafting, swam in the Yarra River, interviewed a former Prime Minister in a tracksuit and dressed up as a tennis ball at the Australian Open.

Sam is also the narrator of Seven's fly-on-the-wall dating show, First Dates, and host of Best Bits, a panel show that dissects the best TV clips and viral videos from around the world.

He got his first big break when he won SAFM's 'Who Wants to Be a Co-Host on Air' competition. Sam has hosted Austereo's National Hot 30 Countdown, is a member of the extended family on Nova's Fitzy and Wippa Show and has been a contributor for The Project on Network Ten.

Born in Adelaide, Sam studied psychology at the University of Adelaide and has travelled extensively. He is an animal lover and an ambassador for the Sydney Dog and Cats Home. His two pets Coco, a Burmilla with only one tooth, and Catra, a black and white tabby with only five per cent vision, are both rescued refuge cats.

A karaoke enthusiast, Sam enjoys nothing better than belting out Lady In Red, or anything by Shaggy.