Sam Armytage loses it over star's racy confession

Marni Dixit
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Sunrise's Samantha Armytage was left in stitches on Tuesday morning while chatting to Big Brother evictee Angela Clancy, after the reality star shared a surprisingly racy confession.

Sam asked Angela: "Is it true that you've got the hots for Big Brother?"

Samantha Armytage laughing at Angela Clancy
Samantha Armytage lost in when Big Brother's Angela Clancy shared a racy confession on Sunrise. Photo: Seven

The reality star responded: "I do, that voice! Oh my gosh! The first night I went home to my husband, I said, ‘You’re not Big Brother. Can you give me the voice?’ There’s just something about that voice that used to... oh my god, you know?"

Sam quickly responded: "Back up. What did you husband do? Could he do the voice? Did he try do the voice?"

"No, he can’t! No! And he would put me off trying to... you know," Angela told the hosts. “You have to be authoritative and... you know, give me something! He didn't do that, but that voice, ohhhhh!”

She added: "I'm hoping to see him [Big Brother] at the reunion."

Angela Clancy appeared on Sunrise
Angela admitted she asked her husband to do the Big Brother voice and was disappointed by his attempts. Photo: Seven

Angela was evicted from the house after her housemates turned on her and this time she sadly had no secret bunker to hide in.

Now, fans are saying there's "no point" in watching Big Brother with their favourite housemate gone.

One user wrote: "Looks like i'm done watching #BBAU no point to watch the rest of the season lol."

Another said: "I’m not lying Channel 7, I actually won’t watch if Ange goes home."

Someone else added: "If Angela leaves, this might be the last time I watch this show live. She's literally the heart and soul of this series."

Another fan wrote: "I'm glad I didn’t watch tonight’s ep of #BBAU since Angela left and trust I will watch no more."

However, in an interview with, Angela said she was disappointed with her fans' response.

"That’s a bit disappointing, saying you’re not going to watch the show,” she said.

"If you love me, well that’s the show that introduced Australia to Angela. There wouldn’t be Angela without Big Brother.

Speaking of her bunker, she said” "I never wanted to try and find out why they kept me. It’s a golden ticket – you take it and run, just in case somebody takes it away from you."

"But I knew it was not going to happen a second time. I knew (last night) I was going home to Perth."

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