Sam and Snezana Wood share personal update: 'It's pretty exciting'

EXCLUSIVE: The power couple also shared why they don't watch The Bachelor anymore, saying it isn't what 'it used to be'.

Sam and Snezana Wood are one of reality TV's greatest love stories.

After meeting on the 2015 season of The Bachelor, the pair have gone from strength to strength: they married in 2018, are the proud parents of four daughters, and their business 28 By Sam Wood, a fitness program designed to get Aussies moving, is a resounding success with Sam having sold the fitness business to company myDNA in 2022 for $71 million.

Now the couple have launched a new snack range called 28GO available exclusively in Woolworths across the country.

"It's been in the making for three or four years, just from our 28 community asking us to do something," Sam told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"To be honest, Snez has done a lot more of it than I have," he said about the new product range that includes protein bars, collagen drinks, and protein banana bread and mug cakes.

Sam and Snezana Wood with 28GO products
Sam and Snezana Wood have launched a new healthy snack product line. Photo:

"She gets what people want too, putting the collagen in and the probiotics for gut health. But it's been fun, it's been 12 months of refining and it's pretty exciting to see them on shelves."

Snez says from the new range, the collagen products are her favourite.

"Definitely want to get as much collagen as possible!" she said. "And it tastes freakin' amazing. That was so important because, you know, you taste some products and they taste like protein or whatever... but these are actually really delicious and super yummy to drink."


The busy duo certainly have a lot on their hands between the 28 businesses, life in the public eye, and raising four daughters ranging in age from one to 18.

'Haven't been on our honeymoon!'

Sam and Snez Wood and their daughters. Photo:
Sam and Snez Wood and their daughters. Photo:

They're so busy, in fact, they still have managed to go on their honeymoon yet.

"This is the first time I've seen Snez this month," Sam joked from the Zoom call.

"With four kids at different ages, it's hard to make time for each other," Snez said. "But we allocate one day a week where we can have quality time together, no kids, no work!"

"We've got to tell ourselves with a one-year-old, a four-year-old, a six-year-old, and an 18-year-old, we're in the trenches at the moment," Sam said, as Snez laughed. "That isn't going to last forever. But Snez reminds me on a daily basis that we haven't been on our honeymoon yet. We'll get there eventually!"

The Bachelor: 'It's not what it used to be'

It's probably no surprise the busy couple doesn't often sit down to watch the show that brought them together: The Bachelor franchise.

"The fact that there are multiple Bachelors, I still haven't really seen that or got my head around it," Sam said.

"Fond memories, and I'm so grateful that's how we met," he added.

The Bachelors is returning to Network 10 in December
The Bachelors is returning to Network 10 in December with three men in the leading role again. Photo: Ten

"It's changed," Snez said. "It's not what it used to be."

Sam agreed, as the two delved into the changes to the Bachelor format over the years.

"I feel like people don't necessarily go on it [The Bachelor] now with the number one objective to meet someone. And I think the reason it worked out so well with Snez and I was that we actually hoped to meet someone," he said.

"I think if Snez thought that I was there to get a profile or vice versa, we wouldn't have been attracted to each other."

Sam and Snez on The Bachelor in 2015
Sam and Snez on The Bachelor. Photo: Network 10

"We were naive to the stuff that would follow," Snez said. "I had a whole 100 followers, if that, beforehand. I didn't even know Instagram was such a thing, so that wasn't a factor for me at all.

"But I think now, that's the that's the main thing. That's why people go on it. So it just kind of takes the fun out of watching it because you know why they're on [the show] so it's not enjoyable to watch it. That's probably why we don't watch it, and it's probably why a lot of the relationships don't work anymore."

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