Mehajer eyes political comeback as NSW council merger plans waver


Controversial former deputy Auburn mayor Salim Mehajer has signalled his intent to return to politics as the New South Wales Government edges towards reversing its council amalgamation plans.

The Daily Telegraph reports Mehajer said he is “200 per cent” committed to returning to the world of local government if his former Auburn council is disentangled from Holroyd.

It echoes previous statements in January, and dating back as far as May last year, when the controversial businessman has hinted at returns to local government, while restating his infamous ambition to one day become Australia’s Prime Minister.

If Salim Mehajer's previous statements are any measure, he has his sights set well beyond Auburn. Photo: AAP

It comes amid a messy drama for the new NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, who is reportedly looking to hold a series of potentially costly plebiscites to determine if her predecessor Mike Baird’s plans to merge 47 local governments will go ahead.

Ms Berejiklian has not yet committed to an about-face on the forced merger plan, but a series of leaks has suggested she may.

For her part, the new Premier has said an announcement is imminent while the state’s Labor opposition has declared the new-look government is already at war with itself.

If the plan is indeed reversed, Mehajer would be just one of many former councilors jockeying to get their old jobs back.

But he would be by far the most controversial and well known personality in the field.

Salim Mehajer and his wife Aysha, arrive at Bankstown Court House in November 2015. Photo: AAL

Mehajer shot to infamy when his flamboyant wedding to now-estranged wife Aysha, shut down much of the suburb of Lidcombe.

A series of bizarre videos from the Mehajers followed, including one in which Salim declared his intention to take the highest office in the land.

His grand scheme hit a major setback in February last year though when the state government dismissed the divided Auburn council.

Mehajer has seldom been out of the headlines since, with a series of legal dramas involving everything from property deals, worker wages and even an arrest in Ibiza keeping him busy.