What they said on day 31 of the campaign

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"He just runs off at the mouth. It's like he just unzips his head and he just lets everything fall on the table."

- Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Labor Leader Anthony Albanese.


"Anthony Albanese is a loose unit on the economy."

- Asked about Labor support for a rise in the minimum wage.

"That's not something I'm speculating on because I know Josh will be returned."

- Asked who would be the treasurer if Josh Frydenberg loses his seat of Kooyong.

"It would threaten the strong growth we have had in employment and, ultimately, it would force small businesses potentially out of business altogether."

- On the prospects of a 5.1 per cent wage rise.


"This prime minister is loose with the truth. He's loose with the truth about his analysis of his opponents and he's loose with the truth for those people who've worked closely with him as well."

- On Mr Morrison.

"Australians have conflict fatigue. They've been through two really tough years and we have a prime minister who's incapable of doing what's needed to take Australia forward."

- On his promise to unite the nation if elected.

"The last debate was pretty rigorous ... of course there should be some rigour because we're talking about important issues."

- On debating the prime minister during the campaign.


"I grew up on a diet of Home and Away and Neighbours."

- Labor candidate for Reid Sally Sitou - who is of Chinese heritage - on people questioning her allegiance to Australia.

"I warn the ALP that the last time they closed the live animal trade I got rid of their leader Julia Gillard."

- Bob Katter warns Labor not the ban the live animal trade.

"I don't know who would be prime minister, I'm trying to work it out. It could be George Christensen, but he's gone."

- Barnaby Joyce on elected leaders not being the most popular politicians.

"The only buck that stops with Scott Morrison is the buck in your pocket."

- Labor campaign spokesman Jason Clare on stagnant real wages under the Liberal-National coalition.


"I'm 62 years old. I have never heard a business group agree that it is the right time to allow a pay rise."

- Andrew from Victoria, on Twitter.

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