What they said on day 18 of the campaign

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"I love the smell of rotting kangaroo in the morning."

- Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce while campaigning in regional Queensland.


"We have been a steady hand during the most immense pressures on our economy, and it's paying dividends, but it's still tough so now's not the time to risk it on Labor."

- On voters staying the course with the Liberal-National coalition at the next election.

"Well, I'm looking forward to (Anthony Albanese) rejoining the campaign. He's had a pretty quiet week. I remember when I was in iso, I had a very busy week, attending Quad summits and doing all sorts (of things)."

- On the opposition leader finishing his week-long COVID isolation on Friday.

"I think to draw an equivalence between those two issues would be to misunderstand history. They are very different situations. We are in the middle of a global pandemic with a war in Europe. Those situations were not in place in 2007."

- On comparisons between himself and former prime minister John Howard, who lost an election that coincided with an interest rate rise.


"Next time you're at Woolies or Coles and you're swiping your goods and you hear the beep, beep, beep - ringing in your ears will be Scott Morrison: not my fault, not my fault, not my fault."

- On expensive grocery prices as a result of rising inflation.

"This is the party of native title. This is the party of the apology. We want to be the party of the Indigenous voice to parliament."

- On Labor's commitment to hold a referendum to enshrine an Indigenous voice in the constitution.


"Low wages are a deliberate design feature of this government's economic management. We also know a deliberate design feature of their budgetary management is rorts and waste. ... We can't afford three more years. This profligate spending must end."

- Labor campaign spokeswoman Kristina Keneally on the Liberal-National coalition.

"We don't intend to over-promise. We're simply pointing out that if the prime minister wants to take credit for things that go well in the economy, he needs to take responsibility for the fact that Australians are getting absolutely slaughtered by this triple whammy."

- Shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers on the cost of living crisis.

"Australia's a big place and we're getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And therefore, there's not going to be cookie cutter requirements and people have to understand the policy structure (and) how it fits in for them."

- Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce on the challenge for the Liberal-National coalition to represent people in cities and regions.


"I think Barnaby Joyce should be prime minister. He's honest. I'll probably still vote LNP but hopefully Barnaby keeps his seat and Scott Morrison is turfed out."

- Cafe customer in Lowood, Queensland.

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