Heartbreaking footage captures dog waiting every night for same train

Night after night a female dog stands on the same platform in front of the same carriage at Kanjurmarg Station in India searching for someone in vain.

Local man Sameer Thorat captured the heartbreaking behaviour on video and posted it on social media, immediately creating a stir.

The female dog arrives at the station each night at 11pm and waits on platform 1. Source: Newsflare

Other commuters took it upon themselves to track the dog's movements and discovered that she has four puppies.

CCTV footage showed the dog arriving at the station but shed no light on why she performs this strange ritual.

The heartbreaking behaviour caused a stir online. Source: Newsflare

Whether she's looking for a lost owner or is a stray searching for someone to love remains a mystery.

The only certainty is that she will show up every night at 11pm on Platform 1 and stare longingly into the train bound for Kalyan.