A pig in need of a facelift
Boris the pig at home

Boris the pig is no ordinary pig, he's a celebrity around his neighbourhood, and like some celebrities - he's about to go under the knife.

When his owners, the Cane family from Rosewater, bought him they were told he was a miniature pig.

Three years on, he's grown to around 220 kilos, although the Canes said they can't be 100 percent sure, as they're unable to get Boris on a set of scales.

"He just started growing and growing and he didn’t seem to stop," Julie Cane said.

But Boris has a problem, because of all his excess weight, he is finding it difficult to see.

"His forehead is a bit short and his eyebrows actually hang over his eyes now, so we put him on a diet and he lost a reasonable amount of weight, but then we ended up with a lot of skin that just hung over his eyebrows and onto his nose," Mrs Cane said.

At the moment he is relying on his other senses to find his way around and he doesn’t like the furniture in the house to be moved.

But the Canes are onto a different solution.

"We’ve let him put a bit of weight on, so he can see, but we’re in the process of seeing if we can get him an eyelift," Mrs Cane said.

The family are taking their beloved pet to Adelaide University's Roseworthy Campus to see if the animal experts there can help Boris.

"They've got a lot more vets on hand to give a lot more care and input into this because being such a big animal, and being something that hasn't been done before or that we know of, it's going to be a bit harder on them, I suppose," Mrs Cane said.

But before he goes under the knife, Boris needs to give a diet one more go and try to lose half his body weight, the anesthetic from the surgery could kill him.

"I can't imagine the kind of devastation that he's going to do around the place when we put him on this crash diet," Mrs Cane said.

"He's going to get cranky."

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