Father 'glad' his son was nabbed by police for car break-ins

An Adelaide father says he's glad police nabbed his son for breaking into cars after the teenager was detained in a citizen's arrest.

But the father came under fire from a victim when he turned up at the scene in Gulfview Heights.

Emotions boiled over when the father, who cannot be identified, showed up to Riverbank Parade to retrieve the car he loaned his son for the night.

The father of a teen car thief was confronted by a resident when he came to collect his car. Source: 7 News

The car loaned to a teen car robber by his father. Source: 7 News

The tyres were slashed, reportedly by a resident who was trying to thwart a getaway by the father's 17-year-old son and his friends.

They had been spotted allegedly breaking into cars and stealing property.

The group left on foot, but a short time later the 17-year-old and a 16-year-old girl returned to the street to collect the car.

The father's tyres had been slashed in an attempt to prevent his son from getting away. Source: 7 News

However they were detained by residents in a citizen's arrest until police arrived.

"I'm glad the police came and caught him, I'm glad he's lost his licence, and I'm glad he's going to face up to what he's done," the father said.

"You know, he needs to be punished."

Residents say there is frequent trouble in the dead-end street, with a number of cars and homes broken into in recent years.

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