Police boost efforts over Wynarka bones child murder mystery

Police in South Australian have deployed more officers to attempt to uncover how the bones of a small girl came to be dumped in a suitcase on an outback highway.

Investigators have also revealed that forensic tests have finally confirmed that the bones were those of a little girl.

Five new staff have been assigned to assist Task Force Mallee to discover what happened to the child, believed to have been aged between two and four-years-old at the time of her death.

Police believe the girl was murdered.

Images of some of the suitcases contents released by SAPOL. Photo: Supplied.

Skeletal remains were found near a faded suitcase in the bush beside the Karoonda Highway, about two kilometres west of Wynarka, on July 15.

So far police have eliminated 53 children as potential victims and 550 reports have been made to Crime Stoppers as detectives continue to try to solve the mystery.

Police have released several images of items found in the suitcase and have built a profile of what they believe the girl may have looked like.

She is believed to have been 2.5 to four-years-old when she was killed, was most likely fair haired and Caucasian. Her hair at the time of death was about 18 centimetres long.

The girl was about 90 to 95 centimetres tall and was killed at another location at some time after the beginning of 2007.

Investigators believe the child may have looked approximately like this model. Photo: Supplied

Detective Superintendent Des Bray said the investigation was progressing.

"The massive public response has generated many lines of inquiry in addition to opportunities being identified by investigators," he said.

"All of this information is assessed, prioritised and issued for investigation on a daily basis.

"The investigation is continuing at full speed while we await the results of forensic analysis."

Items found at the scene. Photo: Supplied

Police are still searching for a man aged about 60 who was spotted in the area before the little girls bones were found near a suitcase.

Witnesses reported seeing the unknown man carrying a dark suitcase on April 13 and May 26. He is described as being Caucasian, average height, clean cut and neatly dressed.

“Despite many inquiries about the man with the suitcase we have been unable to identify him,” Detective Superintendent Bray said.

Anyone with information that may assist the investigation, is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report online at https://sa.crimestoppers.com.au/

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