Sneaky cameras hand out parking fines in Hindmarsh

Hidden camera sensors could soon be rolled out across Adelaide after a trial in the western suburbs slapped hundreds more drivers with parking fines than inspectors did.

Sneaky cameras hand out parking fines in Hindmarsh

Sneaky cameras hand out parking fines in Hindmarsh

Across the street from a carpark at Hindmarsh, a camera mounted on a building wall nabs drivers overstaying their welcome.

During a five-month trial on three spots, the sensor caught 285 drivers, while inspectors nabbed just 16.

“I think it is a little bit sneaky in the sense people aren’t aware that they are being filmed for it,” trader Ryan Crowley said.

The technology uses cameras to capture registration plates and wireless sensors to detect those staying over the limit.

A ticket is then sent out in the mail.

Charles Sturt Council mayor Kirsten Alexander said motorists were given a 15-minute grace.

“The parks are clearly posted… they’re either one hour or three hour,” she said.

The trial proved so successful for the council, it is now looking at extending the system to 80 more parking spaces.

The Adelaide City Council is also interested in the technology.

Meanwhile, boom gates and paid parking over three hours are causing anger at West Lakes.

“We no longer have a breakfast trade and an afternoon trade… it has affected a lot of businesses,” cafe manager Filomena Sebastiani said.

Some traders fear shops may soon be forced to close.

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