New flu drug could half recovery time
New flu drug could half recovery time

A new flu drug being trialled in Adelaide could see sufferers back on their feet twice as fast as normal recovery.

Researchers from Adelaide’s Flinders University are part of a global trial of a new drug they said can beat the bug with no side effects.

It has been 14 years since the only two flu medications approved for sale in Australia hit the shelves, and specialists said developing a new drug that attacks the virus is vital to prevent drug resistance.

“Up to 25 per cent of subjects who developed resistance to this medication, so it is very important that we have another weapon in our arsenal,” Respiratory specialist Dr Dimitar Sajkov said.

He believes the tablet could also be safe for children and pregnant women.

“We know that influenza in pregnancy can be very severe and there are no medication that are approved to use in pregnant women at present.”

Researchers are looking for volunteers between 18 and 65 who can come in within 48 hours of flu symptoms striking.

For more details or to check if you are right for the trial, fill out this survey.

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