The parents of a young Adelaide woman who survived a fiery plane crash in central Burma yesterday have spoken of their relief.

Anna Bartsch, 31, and her boyfriend Stuart Benson were aboard the Air Began passenger jet, carrying 63 passengers, when it crashed on Christmas Day.

The aircraft was attempting an emergency landing when it clipped trees, a wing snapped off, and it burst into flames.

Her parents Brian and Chris said they were expecting to hear from the daughter on Christmas Day, but when she rang late yesterday, they were left in shock.

“In quite a strong sort of voice… ‘Mum, listen, this is very important, we’re okay’,” her mother Chris told 7News.

“They straight away moved forward because they realised it was on fire in the back end of the plane,” Anna’s father Brian said.

“They got everyone off then the plane burnt and broke in half.”

The crash site was 3km from the Heho airport.

The pilot reportedly mistook a road for the runway in the bad weather.

An 11-year-old child and a tour-guide on board the plane were killed, along with a motorcyclist on the ground.

Three other Australians on board the plane were from Queensland and were not seriously injured in the crash.

Anna and Stuart are expected to leave Burma tomorrow and arrive back home in Adelaide in the coming days.

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