Brodie Statham nurses his injuries in hospital.
Brodie Statham nurses his injuries in hospital.

An Adelaide boy has been badly injured after being hit by an elephant at a popular safari park in Bali.

His shocked family has told 7News he was whacked with such force that he was sent flying through the air.

On the final day of the Statham family’s adventure to Bali, 12-year-old Brodie was hit in the face while having photos taken.

Brodie’s father Michael Statham told 7News Brodie was posing with elephants when the animals began competing for food.

“The elephant on one side got a little bit aggressive with the elephant on the other side and swung its head, which hit Brodie in the head, sending him flying,” Mr Statham said.

He said Brodie hit the ground, fracturing his skull.

Brodie told 7News he still couldn’t believe he had been hit by an elephant.

“Still in a bit of shock, like wow, I’ve been hit by an elephant, how did that happen?” Brodie said.

“I was worried that I might have died because there was a lot of blood coming out of my nose and blood was slowly dripping from my ear.”

Brodie’s family says the incident was just a freak accident, but is warning others to be vigilant.

“They are still wild animals, even though they seem to have been trained extensively,” Mr Statham said.

The park’s operators have helped covered Brodie’s medical bills and they no longer allow tourists to stand between two elephants.

Brodie and his family will fly home tomorrow morning and will head straight to the Women's and Children's Hospital.

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