Coffee artist makes a masterpiece in every cup
Coffee artist makes a masterpiece in every cup

Coffee art is possibly the only type of artwork that comes with a caffeine hit, and it is proving hugely popular at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Bryan Astley, the gallery’s coffee artist, has been making coffee for 18 months and his artwork is keeping customers coming back for more.

“I’ve actually had 20 people – I’ve counted them – 20 people not even drink their coffee, and they have had to buy another coffee,” he told 7News.

“I have once done a portrait of someone, they really appreciated that, it took a while.”

He said Disney characters are also a popular request.

“You only get about 15 to 20 seconds to do it within, so you have got to be quite quick with your hands,” he said.

“You have got the be very quick because the milk cools down quite fast, then the crema cools down quite fast, so you will lose the ink from the crema that you need to sketch.

“I do the sketching as a gift for the customers. Just seeing the reaction from them is more than enough.”

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