A woman has been injured and a pet dog has been put down after a savage dog attack at Flinders Park.

The 63-year-old woman was walking her friend’s Maltese Shih Tzu when they were attacked by what is suspected to be a mastiff-cross at a park this morning.

Workers from Charles Sturt Council were nearby and tried their best to stop the ferocious attack, but it continued on the woman.

“We managed to get the dog off the smaller dog and then it shifted its attention from the dog to her and had a hold of her,” one of the council workers told 7News.

The owner of the suspected mastiff-cross said he was walking ‘Pistol’ in the park when the collar broke.

“The dog got away and I couldn’t catch it with a broken foot, and that’s about it - he came back with a bit of blood on him,” the owner told 7News.

The woman was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital by ambulance and returned home this afternoon, but ‘Benji’ the Maltese Shih Tzu had to be put down.

Pistol was seized by council, but it is yet to be decided if he will be destroyed.

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