A Rugby League star is encouraging south-west Sydney teenagers to consider working towards university.

Corey Payne is an NRL forward with the Canterbury Bulldogs but through his Future Directions Network, he’s inspiring young kids to go to university.

Payne grew up in St Johns Park near Cabramatta and he knows how tough it can be.

"Kids out there just don't believe they can go to university, and hopefully through the future direction network we can challenge that assumption."

However he’s already finished a Commerce degree and is currently completing his masters degree.

He’s inspiring other kids in his situation to do the same.

He told the kids at an information night at Revesby Workers Club last night: "Hopefully you guys can set that ambition and aspiration really high."

Many of the attendees were inspired by Payne’s dedication, one of them saying: "Really excited to go to uni now, all the clubs and like, it just opened our eyes a little bit."

The south-west is one of Sydney's most diverse regions with people from all walks of life but Corey Payne has a simple message that literally anyone can follow:

"Set the bar high, and not be afraid to fail, and if you do fail get up and try again."

He plans to attend Harvard, Stanford or Oxford.

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