Dolphin's tricks make a splash

Courtesy Barry Hurrell.

Dolphin's tricks make a splash

Dolphin's tricks make a splash

South Australia's Port River dolphins have made a splash today, as young calf 'Ripple' showed off spectacular tail-walking skills.

It's believed six-year-old Ripple was taught the trick of tail-walking by her mother 'Wave', who also has another young calf, three-year-old Tallula.

In an unusual twist, 'Wave' had previously learned the art of tail-walking by the Port River's original talented dolphin, 'Billie'.

But Wave and Ripple are the first mother-daughter team that enthusiasts have seen in the Port River, at Port Adelaide.

Dr Mike Bossley from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society says it appears the Port River dolphins practice tail-walking just for fun, and so far, it's only the girls.

"To have dolphins in the city, it's incredible," he said, "And to see wild dolphins playing, it's inspiring."

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