SA workers' paid domestic violence leave

Public sector workers across South Australia who are victims of domestic violence will be eligible for up to 15 days of paid leave each year under legislation introduced in state parliament.

The changes to the Fair Work Act will ensure workers can access paid leave for attending medical appointments, legal proceedings, counselling, relocation, making safety arrangements and other activities associated with the experience of family and domestic violence.

The legislation will apply to all workers in the state industrial relations system which covers public sector and local government employees.

South Australian private sector employees are covered by the Commonwealth Fair Work Act which was recently amended to include paid family and domestic violence leave.

"People experiencing domestic violence should never need to make the choice between their financial security and independence, and their safety," Child Protection Minister Katrine Hildyard said.

"When women experience domestic violence, their financial security and independence is an important part of their journey through recovery."

Attorney-General Kyam Maher said paid family and domestic violence leave had been an issue identified by the government as a priority in several policy areas.

"Providing paid family and domestic violence leave will play a role in addressing family domestic violence which has seen a significant increase during the COVID-19 pandemic," he said.