SA teachers' pay offer decision next week

South Australian teachers will decide by the end of next week whether or not to accept the latest enterprise agreement offer from the state government.

But the Australian Education Union has criticised Treasurer Rob Lucas for suggesting the union executive had endorsed the government's latest proposal.

President Lara Golding says accepting or rejecting the offer, which includes annual pay increases of 2.35 per cent, is up to the union's members.

"The AEU is a democratically led union, so it is fitting that our members will determine the outcome of this offer," Ms Golding said on Wednesday.

"It's a big decision and we are encouraging members to be well-informed.

"If members vote yes, then they are accepting all of the conditions outlined in the current offer.

"If members vote no, then they will need to stand strong. Whatever happens, we will be standing by our members' decision."

On Tuesday, Mr Lucas said the AEU executive had unanimously endorsed the government's offer.

It includes 2.35 per cent pay hikes in each of the next three years while the government will increase the complexity allowance funding for schools from $12 million to $15 million.

The enterprise agreement also includes enhanced incentives to attract and retain teachers in country schools and new positions for highly-accomplished and lead teachers.

"This is a positive step forward and the government is hopeful it will lead to a sensible resolution of our enterprise bargaining negotiations, which gives exceptionally fair and reasonable salary increases and also provides greater assistance and support to teachers in the classroom," Mr Lucas said.

But Ms Golding said the offer was neither endorsed or rejected and what the branch executive had unanimously endorsed was a decision to hold a ballot of its members.