SA still lagging in internet access

More needs to be done to improve internet access for South Australians, with the state lagging behind the national average, a key welfare group says.

Around 15 per cent of South Australians don't use the internet compared to the national average of 13.5 per cent, while 17.5 per cent of South Australians have no internet access at home, SA Council of Social Service chief executive officer Ross Womersley says.

"People may not be using the internet for a variety of reasons, including barriers to access, affordability, lack of digital skills or not knowing what is available and possible online," Mr Womersley.

Lack of internet access means they are missing out as more services move online.

"They might struggle to find jobs, get services or stay connected to friends and community, or they may pay more for services at banks, utilities and governments," he said.

The organisation is calling for the state government to introduce a digital inclusion strategy.