SA school leavers flock to Victor Harbor

Year 12 students are being urged not to "overindulge in alcohol" as they flock to Victor Harbor this weekend for the South Australian Schoolies celebration.

The ticketed Schoolies Festival event is designed specifically for school leavers, and has activities taking place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

The 10,000 young people expected to attend will be supported by 500 volunteers through the Encounter Youth program.

The program's Chief Executive, Nigel Knowles, said the Safer Journeys bus service will help keep students safe on a notoriously dangerous stretch of road.

"We have been keeping school leavers safe on our roads with zero fatalities for the past 20 years during Schoolies Festival, proving the importance of a road safety partnership," he said.

"There's been 350,000 safe schoolies bus boardings to date."

Among the activities at the festival will be a music line-up, themed nights and a virtual reality game, Epic Roller Coaster.

Superintendent Mark Fairney says officers at the event will focus on safety and crime prevention.

"We want the attendees to have a good time, but we also want them to stay safe and not overindulge in alcohol," he said.

"Police want to ensure behavioural offences do not have an impact on the local community over this weekend."