SA opposition urges more action on virus

Free flu vaccines, moves to cut elective surgery waiting lists and a reserve pool of doctors and nurses have been suggested to help South Australia deal with the coronavirus crisis.

The Labor opposition said free flu vaccines would reduce the impact of a upcoming influenza season amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Ramping up the number of elective operations now would also help clear hospitals later, should the number of coronavirus cases increase dramatically.

Establishing a reserve pool of doctors and nurses who could be deployed in hospitals would help cover for staff taking sick leave.

"These are extraordinary times that require immediate action to prepare our state for the impact of COVID-19," Opposition Leader Peter Malinauskas said.

"Every hour these measures are delayed impacts South Australia's level of preparedness ahead of a severe outbreak."

There have been 20 confirmed cases of coronavirus in SA so far.

Six of those people have since recovered and been discharged from hospital.

The state government declared a public health emergency on the weekend, but SA is yet to move to a full state of emergency.