Man yelled: 'you killed me' after stabbing

Tim Dornin

As his brother plunged a knife into his neck, 25-year-old Nokoma Hudson yelled out: "you just killed me".

The 25-year-old was tragically right, dying from the single wound inflicted by Robert Leslie Hudson during a drunken brawl in Adelaide in February last year.

The younger sibling had goaded the older man, on more than one occasion urging him to: "c'mon, stab me".

But sentencing the 35-year-old in the Supreme Court on Monday, Justice Anne Bampton said that was no excuse for the unlawful and dangerous act.

Justice Bampton said she had no doubt that Hudson was "racked with remorse" and that the incident had scarred and challenged his family relationships.

"You will struggle to come to terms with the death of your brother at your own hands," she told him.

But she said the killing was "senseless" and not at the lower end of the scale for such crimes.

Hudson had gone on trial for murder but was found not guilty by a jury which took just two hours to instead find him guilty of manslaughter.

The brawl included elements of domestic abuse with much of Hudson's anger on the day directed at his partner, to which his younger brother objected.

Justice Bampton said it was clear Hudson had problems with alcohol and anger management as well as a long history of offending.

By his own admissions, he had spent as much of his life in jail as he had in the community, she said.

The judge said her sentence had to reflect the seriousness of the offending that involved the violent taking of a human life by someone who had introduced a lethal implement into a volatile situation.

She jailed Hudson for seven years and six months with a non-parole period of six years.

Outside the court, Hudson's mother told reporters she was "shattered".

"My family is all broken. There's no winner out of it. There's no justice," Sharon Lemon said.