SA man jailed over dog fighting


An Adelaide man has been jailed in the first prosecution in South Australia over illegal dog fighting.

Benn Hamilton pleaded guilty to 12 charges, including six counts of keeping an animal for use in fights and one count of organising an animal fight.

The Adelaide Magistrates Court was told RSPCA inspectors found six American pit bull terriers chained up in the backyard of Hamilton's home when they responded to a complaint in 2016.

The dogs were aggressive and had fractured teeth and other injuries to their faces, mouths, ears, necks and limbs, consistent with fighting.

Hamilton also admitted to possessing various equipment including the shock collars, steroids and other drugs along with books and DVDs about dog fighting.

The RSPCA welcomed the seven-month jail sentence imposed on the 39-year-old but remained tight-lipped on the possibility of similar prosecutions.

Hamilton's case will return to court in June for a ruling on costs with the RSPCA seeking to recover more than $35,000 to cover veterinary bills and other expenses.