SA man found guilty of shaking baby girl

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An Adelaide man has been found guilty of causing life-threatening head injuries to his 11-week-old daughter.

In a verdict handed down in the South Australian District Court on Tuesday, Judge Liesl Chapman found Daniel James Morgan guilty of aggravated recklessly causing serious harm.

The judge rejected Morgan's account that he had tripped while sweeping the house and had accidentally fallen on the young girl, describing his version of events as "implausible".

She ruled that the prosecution had proved its case that her injuries were caused by shaking.

The girl suffered serious haemorrhages to both sides of her brain in the incident in August 2018, and had to be intubated and ventilated when admitted to hospital.

Judge Chapman said the case against Morgan was overwhelming and was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that he had "violently" shaken the young girl.

She said expert evidence at the trial had also shown that the baby's injuries were not consistent with him falling on her.

The girl had not suffered any injuries to the skull or scalp.

"No matter how sudden or fleeting the accused's act may have been, and even if he came to quickly regret his behaviour, the evidence establishes that the accused acted deliberately and violently towards his infant daughter," Judge Chapman said.

"It caused life-threatening harm."

Morgan will return to court in December for sentencing submissions.

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