SA irrigators get full water allocations

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South Australian Murray River irrigators will get their full water entitlements from July after good inflows over the past three months.

Wet conditions across the Murray-Darling Basin have lifted storage levels to 94 per cent, well above long-term averages for June.

Recent rains also mean irrigators won't need to draw as much water from the Murray as they would in drier periods.

"I'm pleased that the state's water users will begin this water year with the security of a full allocation," Climate, Environment and Water Minister Susan Close said on Wednesday.

"Much of our state's prosperity and environmental sustainability comes from the River Murray which is why our government is committed to making the Murray a priority for South Australia again."

Ms Close said despite recent rain, South Australia had still only received two gigalitres of the 450GL promised under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

In response, she said the state Labor government would reverse the former Liberal government's endorsement of complex efficiency measures which only benefitted upstream states.

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