SA hospitals safe after infant infections

Emily Cosenza

Health officials have ruled out any link between cases of a rare bacterial infection which affected babies in two Adelaide hospitals, and say both facilities are safe.

Following detailed investigations into the cases, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Mike Cusack said there was no ongoing risk to infants at either hospital.

Earlier this month, a baby in the Special Care Baby Unit at the Women's and Children's Hospital returned a positive swab for Serratia Marcescens.

Two more were also infected at the Flinders Medical Centre, while a number of other babies were found to have the bug on their skin but were not considered infectious.

"We have received genomic sequencing which has shown links between the Serratia bacteria found around the sink in the neonatal unit at FMC and both babies who were symptomatic at FMC," Dr Cusack said.

"However, the genomic sequencing of the bacteria cultured from the symptomatic baby at WCH did not match that obtained from the FMC babies.

"Following extensive swabbing at both hospitals, we have seen no further positive tests and are confident there are no further sources of this bacteria in the local environment."

Two babies remain at Flinders in a stable condition while the third was discharged from WCH.