SA Greens want gas banned for new homes

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Home builders in South Australia could save more than $5000 over 10 years on their energy bills under a proposal to ban gas connections to new homes, the Green says.

The party's energy spokesman in SA, Robert Simms plans to introduce a private members' bill to parliament in September to block gas connections to new homes from 2025.

"South Australians are facing a cost of living crisis and a climate crisis. Gas not only comes at a high cost to the consumer, it comes at a high cost to our environment," Mr Simms said.

"Many cities and countries around the world, including the Netherlands, Norway and New York City are going gas-free.

"It's time for South Australia to join the global movement away from gas."

Mr Simms also called for the state government to provide rebates to support homeowners and renters to replace old gas appliances with new energy-efficient, electric models.

"Appliances like heating, hot water, cook-tops and ovens are much cheaper and more environmentally sustainable when they are powered by renewables rather than gas," he said.

"The government should be assisting consumers to make green choices. We know that this would be welcomed by homeowners and renters, particularly those dealing with financial stress."

Mr Simms said a Grattan Institute report had found that switching from gas to electric for cooking, hot water and space heating could save a household up to $5556 over 10 years

He argued that switching from gas to electricity in SA would not stretch the power grid and would not create unreasonable peaks in electricity use.

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