SA clinic that lost embryos on the move


A fertility clinic that lost embryos during South Australia's state-wide blackout last month is moving to a new facility that has "fail safe" power systems.

Flinders Fertility is relocating from the Flinders Medical Centre, where a backup power generator failed during the blackout, to the TechInSA hub in Thebarton.

The clinic's chief executive Stefan Moro said the move had been planned for months, but more emphasis has been put on backup power arrangements for the new premises since 12 families lost embryos in the recent power outage.

He said the new facility offers "fail safe" power systems and that the clinic itself will have two extra backup power sources to keep incubators running properly.

"Essentially a backup system for our backup system - which itself has a backup system," he said in a statement.

"There are no absolute guarantees in life, but we are confident in the knowledge that we have one of the highest levels of power and operating security of any clinic in Australia.

"The September 28 storm and resulting power blackout provided the worst possible benchmark against which we have been able to assess and equip our new premises," he said.

"The Thebarton facility has probably the highest level of security and business continuity of any facility of its type in Australia."

The clinic's reproductive material will be moved to the new facility over the next four weeks, with services to resume in Thebartron from late November.

A fuel pump issue caused the backup power generator at the Flinders Medical Centre to fail during SA's blackout.