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SA calls in $900,000 ad blitz for phone ban in schools

The South Australian government will spend $900,000 on an advertising campaign to back its mobile phone ban in public high schools.

Education Minister Blair Boyer says while the cost is considerable it will come out of the government's advertising budget.

He says it is vital to ensure parents, grandparents, caregivers and other family members understand the importance of the policy and talk to their children about the detrimental impact mobile phones can have on their learning and socialisation.

"It's important that parents understand why we have taken this step to help refocus students' attention in classrooms and re-engage in a positive way at break times, which is the key reason for this campaign," Mr Boyer said.

"It's more than a ban on mobile phones in schools. It's about teaching our young people to use technology in a safe, ethical and responsible way."

The ban has been rolled out in about 30 per cent of schools and must be in place in all public schools by the beginning of term three.

It requires phones to be "off and away" from the beginning of the school day until the end.

Exemptions can be provided in certain circumstances, such as when a phone is needed for health reasons.

The advertising campaign will run until the end of August.