SA activists rally against duck hunting

RSPCA SA and the Animal Justice Party will rally against duck hunting in Adelaide.

Animal welfare groups are preparing to rally against duck hunting as the season kicks off in South Australia.

RSPCA SA and the Animal Justice Party will gather at Parliament House in Adelaide on Saturday calling for the government to ban the controversial sport.

RSPCA SA chief executive Tim Vasudeva says nothing justifies the murder of ducks for recreation's sake.

"Shotgun cartridges create a spray of pellets, which often miss a bird's vital organs - meaning those who are wounded are likely to suffer a slow death, as they are either unable to feed or escape from predators," he said.

Mr Vasudeva also said a voluntary hunter reporting system meant the government hadn't been able to find out how many animals were shot each season since 2011.

"We don't know how many more are suffering slow and painful deaths," he said.