New SA abortion laws to start in July

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New laws to decriminalise abortion in South Australia will come into effect in early July, more than a year after being passed by state parliament.

The government on Thursday moved to finalise the regulations to allow changes to the Termination of Pregnancy Act, passed in March last year, to operate.

The changes remove abortion from the criminal legal system and make it part of health law.

Health Minister Chris Picton said the former government inexplicably stalled the regulations for a year.

"They delayed and buried these regulations and failed to explain to the community why they did not progress them," he said.

"We have moved forward with these regulations to deliver on what the parliament voted for."

The legislation removes the need for a reason for a termination if the person is no more than 22 weeks and six days pregnant, though consultation with one medical practitioner is required.

The act also requires consultation with two medical practitioners, who both agree on the circumstances for the termination, for gestation periods exceeding 22 weeks and six days.

Information on the legislation and regulations is being sent to GPs and pharmacists so they are fully informed before the new laws come into effect on July 7.

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