Rylan reveals he's secretly released music under a pseudonym

rylan clark
Rylan reveals he's secretly released new musicScott Garfitt - Getty Images

Rylan Clark has admitted he's secretly released new music under a pseudonym.

The TV presenter made the confession to singer Jessie Ware during an interview for her podcast Table Manners, chatting alongside co-star Rob Rinder to promote their new BBC travel series Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour.

"I write music. So I've done quite a lot of songs," said Rylan, with Rob adding: "They're really good."

rylan clark
Scott Garfitt - Getty Images

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"Some have been released, but not under 'Rylan,' and they've done well, which is fun," continued the This Morning star. "I've released a couple of tracks, yeah, that have done well and I'm happy with."

Rylan added that in addition to writing the songs, he'd also leant his vocals to some of them.

When asked by Ware about the song titles, Rylan refused to reveal the names of the songs and explained why he wanted to keep his latest music venture under wraps.

rob rinder and rylan clark in venice during rob and rylan's grand tour
Lana Salah - BBC

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"I'm not ready for that yet," he says, adding: "Honest truth, because I think where I started out on X Factor and I had a very easy role to play on that show and that was be the one that everyone talks about.

"My job wasn't to sing on X Factor. I think if Joe Public read tomorrow 'Rylan's bringing out a CD' people would go 'shut up' and it would already be prejudged."

Rylan auditioned for The X Factor in 2012 and finished the competition in fifth place. The following year he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and won the show, going on to present it's spin-off show for the following series.

Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour streams on BBC iPlayer and airs on BBC Two on Sundays at 9pm.

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