Rylan Clark reveals he's dating again after divorce

rylan clark, rob and rylan's grand tour
Rylan Clark says he's dating again after divorceLana Salah - BBC

Rylan Clark has revealed that he is dating again following his divorce.

The TV and radio host was previously married to Dan Neal, but in 2021 they announced that their marriage had ended after six years.

Now Rylan has opened up about the struggles of his current dating life, in his new travel series with Rob Rinder, Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour.

In the new BBC Two series, the pair will travel around Italy, following in the footsteps of the Grand Tourists of the past such as poet Lord Byron.

rob rinder and rylan clark in venice during rob and rylan's grand tour
Lana Salah - BBC

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The Mirror has reported that as part of the show, Rylan and Rob will get set up on some blind dates on their trip, which leads Rylan to explain to his travel partner why his fame has made dating difficult.

"Hopefully my luck with men is about to change," he said. "I always thought that when you were younger, ‘imagine if you were known, you would be able to get anyone you want’. It’s the complete opposite. I’ve had two dates in the last two years.

"One of them was really, really great and was going well. And then my job was just too much for his life. And then the other one was so interested in my job, he decided to call the press. So they’re the two opposite ends of the spectrum. I need somebody in the middle that can deal with it, but don’t want it."

rylan clark, rob and rylan's grand tour
Lana Salah - BBC

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In the series, Rylan, whose real name is Ross, will also speak candidly about the difference between his TV persona and his real personality.

He said: "I’m very much two people, so everyone knows me as Rylan – has a laugh, big teeth, wears a bit of makeup – a lot of make up – and is just that presenter off the telly, or that idiot off the telly.

"Whereas actually at home, I’m Ross. Ross is who I grew up as. Rylan’s my job. Ross is the one that sits at home with a tracksuit and a Peroni in my hand, so I am very different."

Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour starts on Sunday, May 12 at 9pm on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

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