Ryan Reynolds reunites with Amy Smart for Just Friends spoof

Ryan Reynolds reunited with his Just Friends co-star Amy Smart to spoof the 2005 rom-com.

The two actors joined forces to promote Reynold’s alcohol company, Aviation American Gin.

In the video, the Deadpool star, 47, can be seen facing a Christmas tree as he’s greeted by Smart, 47, who’s holding a bottle of gin.

“Oh hey honey, I was just looking at the tree. Nothing like the smell of real pine,” Reynolds says turning around. “How was work?”

Shaking her head, Smart responds that she’s “had better days”. “The bar ran out of Aviation American Gin,” she says, disappointed.

“Ohhh no, that’s so bad. That’s terrible. They ran out of Aviation American Gin,” Reynolds repeats in dismay.

Smart then interrupts the scene to ask the crew: “Can we just cut this?” The cosy background quickly disappears to show that the two are actually standing in front of a green screen.

Amy Smart and Ryan Reynolds (Aviation American Gin)
Amy Smart and Ryan Reynolds (Aviation American Gin)

“This is weird,” the Shameless alum whispers to Reynolds, who reassures her that “when we get to post, it’ll be our home. You’ll see all the decorations. I promise you, it’s going to look just fine”.

“I think we should just maybe try it again,” he adds. After restarting the scene with Smart telling Reynolds that her day “was not great” because the bar ran out of gin, Reynolds reacts more angered than the first time.

“Ohhh, f***!” he yells. Smart again requests to cut, telling Reynolds that “that was a big reaction”.

“Well, it’s been 18 years. I think the characters have changed a bit, so I’m sort of playing it like that in my head,” the Green Lantern actor reasons.

When the cameras start rolling for a third take, Smart jumps in for a final time. “Hold on, why would I be carrying this if we ran out?” she asks.

“Well, on your way home from the bar, you stopped to pick up some smooth Aviation American Gin at one of our many well-respected retail partners. If you could just hold that at 12 o’clock,” he says, fixing the bottle in her hands.

“So this is a stupid ad for your gin company?” Smart says, disappointed.

“Well... this is a self-funded sequel predicated on a loose interpretation of IP law, so – yes, it is an ad for Aviation American Gin,” Reynolds replies in defeat.

Reynolds, who acquired a stake in the alcohol brand in 2018, is known for filming humorous commercials for the company. He recently featured in a Hulu/FX ad alongside singer Rob Thomas for the liquor.

In the promotional video, Reynolds pokes fun at his AFC co-founder Rob McElhenney, telling Thomas that “I like you better already than other Rob”.