Ryan Gosling will officially be in Oscar contention for Barbie

Ryan Gosling is officially in contention for a 'Best Supporting Actor' Oscar nomination for his work in Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie.

According to Variety, the La La Land actor will be submitted for consideration by Warner Bros. after winning over fans and critics as Barbie's boyfriend Ken.

Gosling has previously been nominated twice for an Academy Award, for his roles in Half Nelson (2006) and La La Land (2016).

Warner Bros. is aiming for multiple nominations for Barbie, hoping to get recognition in categories including 'Best Original Screenplay', 'Best Picture' and 'Best Actress' for leading star Margot Robbie.

ryan gosling in barbie
Warner Bros.

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The film is also eligible to submit three songs for consideration, with current favourites being Billie Ellish's 'What Was I Made For' and 'I'm Just Ken' (written by Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt).

Nominations will be decided from January 11, 2024 when ballots open for voting. However, with the film's huge universal critical and commercial acclaim, it's likely to receive multiple nominations.

Fans may also get an official answer to the long-running 'Barbenheimer' debate, with Gerwig's Barbie likely to face fierce competition from the Christopher Nolan biopic.

margot robbie ryan gosling, barbie
Warner Bros.

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Following its release in July, the film has taken over $1.36 billion globally, and is currently on track to highest-grossing movie of 2023. Barbie is also the biggest movie made by by a solo female director, beating 2017's Wonder Woman to the top spot.

The film is now available to buy or rent digitally from online retailers such as Amazon UK, Microsoft Store and Apple TV+ in the UK and Amazon US, iTunes and more in the US.

Barbie is in cinemas and available now to buy or rent on Prime Video, Microsoft Store, Apple TV+ and other digital retailers.

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