Russia's May Day banners drop 'peace' from Soviet-era slogan

May Day poster in St. Petersburg, 2024
May Day poster in St. Petersburg, 2024

On May Day, a significant holiday in Russia, the word "peace" was notably absent from the traditional Soviet-era slogan, "Peace! Labor! May!" This change was observed across major Russian cities as the nation continues to reshape its historical holidays.

In St. Petersburg, banners displayed the revised phrase "Spring, Labor and St. Petersburg," while in Togliatti, located in Russia's Samara Oblast, the slogan was altered to "Labor! Family! Dynasty!"

Official poster of the city of Tolyatti for May 1 <span class="copyright">Tolyatti city council</span>
Official poster of the city of Tolyatti for May 1 Tolyatti city council

Currently, May 1 is recognized in Russia as the "holiday of spring and labor." This adjustment is part of the Kremlin's broader strategy to modify Soviet-era celebrations to support the ongoing narrative that justifies its aggressive actions in Ukraine.

This transformation was evident as early as 2022 when cities like Yekaterinburg and Ulyanovsk included symbols associated with the Russian military in their May Day celebrations, promoting slogans like "For Peace, Work May." These changes underscore a significant shift towards militaristic values and an effort to normalize the conflict in Ukraine within Russian society.

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